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Jiving Juniors

We were delighted to welcome Sandra Ganley here on May 23rd from ‘Jiving Juniors‘. All classes participated in dance workshops throughout the day. As part of our Creative Schools Journey, dance was something we were all eager to try .

We even got some action shots. The sound of country music drifted down through the corridors for the day and it was lovely to hear the buzz in the school .

There was a mixture of jive moves , line dancing and some waltz through out the day so the kids got a great taste of dance .

All of the teachers were so impressed at how quickly the children picked up the dance steps . Sandra complimented the children in the school for being so well behaved and for their great participation. We hope to see Sandra from ‘Jiving Juniors’ again sometime back in Muire Gan Smál .

5th and 6th classes wrapped up the last session of the day and really gave it their all. 👏👏🎶

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