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Active Schools Flag.

Every year we try to ensure that all pupils stay active. All classes are involved in a wide variety of sports and activities . Have a look at the list to get a flavour of what we have been up to.

Athletics at the Athletics track

Cycling Safety

Cross Country Running


Tennis Lessons 

Spikeball Training by Transition Year Pupils in the Secondary School

Mini-Seven's Gaelic Football Competition

Zumba Dancing



Many children continue to walk to school on Wednesdays.




We are  very fortunate to have skilled and enthusiastic rugby coaches return to our school every year.

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Cycling Training Course

Here are some of our 6th Classes enjoying cycling training with Gerry Butler who returns to our school every year. Training culminates in a cycle around Claremorris town to practise all the safety skills learned throughout the course.

We are thrilled that so many children are getting an opportunity to learn how to cycle safely.

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Tennis Coaching

There is huge delight and excitement in our school every year when it is announced that tennis lessons are to resume.

Our Parents Association bought seven sets of tennis nets for the school . As a result, classes can now play tennis on our own school yard. A coach comes in first term giving weekly tennis lessons to 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes. Everyone then looks forward to last term when he returns for more tennis with the Senior Infants and 3rd Classes.



Our playground markings were all repainted and new courts painted. This makes it perfect for perfecting our tennis skills .

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